Buy Bio Oil

Why Are Biofuels Becoming More Popular>

With the earth warming up at an alarming rate, people are actively seeking out ways to reduce pollution or to reverse some of its effects. Toxins from the combustion of fossil fuels are currently the highest cause of pollution, sending dangerous levels of Sulphur dioxide and other gases to the ozone. For this reason, buying bio oils presents a great avenue for reducing air pollution.

What are Bio Oils?

Bio oils or biodegradable oils are lubricants that decompose quickly with the help of living organisms and have lower toxicity than regular fossil oils. Biodegradable oils can be used in sectors including construction, mining, agriculture, medicine, among many more.

Benefits of Using Biodegradable oil – Lower Toxicity Levels

With bio oils, most of the toxins that would have otherwise been released into the environment are digested or transformed into less harmful compounds by microorganisms. This makes their toxicity levels very low.

Reduced loss to evaporation

Bio oils have low viscosity and pour points at low temperatures, resulting in a lesser volume getting wasted as a result of evaporation. Compared to standard fossil oils, you could make great money savings with biodegradable fuels.

Equipment Friendly

When you buy bio oils, you get the added advantage of corrosion protection, which results in greater reliability, user safety, and increased equipment life.

A wider range of Application

Unlike standard lubricants, bio oils can be used across most industries due to their lower risk of pollution. Their biodegradable nature makes them ideal for use in the food-processing industry where other oils would pose the risk of poisoning.

Biodegradable oils, therefore, not only save you on costs but are also great for the environment. Buying bio oils will see you enjoy benefits, including longer machinery life, a cleaner work environment, and the advantages of being branded as ‘eco-friendly’.