Biodegradable Oil

The Application of Biodegradable Oil

Biodegradable oil products have become particularly essential for their ability to protect the environment. In their natural form, these lubricants contain excellent lubricity, making them great solvents for keeping off debris and dirt from the surface of the metal. They have a molecular structure that gives rise to high natural viscosity.

The Benefits of Biodegradable Lubricants

  • Low toxicity
  • High levels of biodegradability
  • High flashpoint
  • High viscosity index
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Long equipment life
  • Reduced oil losses through evaporation
  • Reduced environmental pollution


Biodegradable lubricants are mostly employed in resource industries, including mining, gas and oil production and other areas where the fuel could be exposed to the environment. They are also applied in low-medium hydraulic systems not exceeding temperatures of 71 degrees C. If you have been using mineral oil, be careful to properly flash it out of the system before installing your biodegradable lubricant.

It is worth noting that poor conversion may result in problems such as leaking seals, high wear of major internal components, increased temperatures, plugged filters and severe foaming. Here are things to consider when filling your system with biodegradable lubricants:

  • Replace the filters
  • Clean your system
  • De-air and restart the machine
  • Install a separate filter to remove water

Water evaporates when the system runs. However, in extreme cases or when the system is not cleaned properly, water may ingress the oil.

Test Guidelines

All lubricants are naturally sensitive to water. Biodegradable lubricants, however, containing a vegetable oil base, are particularly very susceptible to the degradation resulting from it. Always measure the condensation and moisture levels, ensuring that they do not go above the range of 500 PPM. The filtration of any amount of water in these oils can lead to major quality degrading and foaming. Also, test the acidity frequently to ensure it does not exceed 1.5 mg KOH/gm and the viscosity does not go above 10 percent.

Biodegradable oil is an excellent alternative to mineral lubricants. For some industries, most governments are strict on the type of oil that can be used to keep the environment unpolluted. Sustainable oils are great at meeting these requirements.