Bio gear oil

Three Benefits of Using Bio Gear Oil

Bio gear oil is a high-quality sustainable lubricant product made from saturated synthetic esters. To have the environmentally friendly planet, the future needs, the world must rely on clean, renewable and biodegradable materials such as Bio gear oil. The advantages of using this oil lubrication are causing its popularity to rise in both customers and consumers. Let’s look at its three biggest benefits.

1. Energy Saving

The oil improves the ease of movement and increases the longevity of the machinery it is used on. In industrial generators, motor-driven machinery and diesel vehicles, bio oil can reduce the cost of operating when compared to traditional formulas using mineral components. The fuel also gives the machine higher performance levels and reduced damage to important components in the gearbox which mean fewer replacement costs and less downtime and maintenance needed.

2. Biodegradable Fuel

Unlike mineral-based conventional gear lubricants which linger in the environment long after they are used, it does not compromise the surrounding atmosphere. This factor is especially beneficial in a factory setting, where it is important to reduce the pollution in the air and provide a safe workplace for employees.

3. Increase the lifespan of machinery

The impressive film strength of the oil helps it operate at high temperatures and keeps the components protected from wear and tear. A heavy machine’s gear parts will enjoy a longer life-span meaning lesser maintenance and operational costs and improved performance. Although Bio gear oil may be more expensive to buy, its longevity and high quality make it more cost effective in the long run.