Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Quality Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil for Your Equipment

Biodegradable hydraulic oil is environmentally friendly, non-toxic fluid that is made for use by systems that are operated in ecologically sensitive areas such as the wetlands. These oils are made of synthetic polyol ester base fluid, which is biodegradable. There are various types of these oils with different viscosity levels for use with specific equipment.

Does the Oil Perform Like Conventional Hydraulic Oils?

Yes. The oils have excellent resistance to thermal degradation and oxidation. They are also able to maintain low temperatures when operating the equipment. Besides having anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties, they also have excellent natural lubricity, which makes it easy to move various parts of the hydraulic system. In addition, using these oils will lead to a considerable increase in the lifetime of your systems while, at the same time, reduce costs associated with machine maintenance.

What Do You Consider When Buying Biodegradable Hydraulic Lubricants?

Most systems can use biodegradable oils without requiring any additional configurations. However, it is crucial to determine if the oil would have any effects on the parts and operations of the equipment in question. It is also important to pick the type that has qualities similar to the conventional oil equivalent. Here are some of the other considerations.


The oil should be inert and not react with the machine parts. It should also resist breakdown from bacteria or oxidation.


Generally, hydraulic oils should have low compressibility up to 3,000 PSI. High compressibility often results in high viscosity and lower efficiency for the equipment. The oils should also be low foaming to prevent excessive wear and pump cavitation.

Flammability and Heat Transfer

Some applications where lots of heat is involved require non-flammable fluids. On the other hand, excellent heat transfer qualities are essential in the removal of heat that is generated in the pumping action of the machine.

Quality biodegradable hydraulic oil can be used across the hydraulic equipment world. However, ensure it is the right match for your equipment and meets environmental regulations if you are working in an ecologically sensitive location.