Synthetic Gear Oils

Synthetic Gear Oils: the best option for high-performance machinery

Get into gear, smoothly and easily, and hear the machinery purr. It does, when you use an efficient, high-response lubricant. Synthetic gear oils are the answer when the gears on the machinery have to work with heavy loads, or at very high or low temperatures.

Mineral or synthetic gear oils?

Machinery lubrication is an important part of total performance, and this includes all types of machines, from heavy-duty industry to automobile engines. Base mineral oils, with high pressure-viscosity coefficient, are employed in normal, low-temperature applications, but synthetic oils, which resist thermal degradation and oxidation, are indicated for high-temperature and heavy load conditions.

Advantages of using synthetic oil

The smooth-flowing viscosity of the synthetic gear oil greatly reduces friction on gears, leading to improved efficiency. Due to its long-lasting properties, frequent oil changes are unnecessary, and reduced wear and friction means that components last longer, resulting in savings on maintenance costs, and a vehicle/plant/machine which lasts for years.

Automobile lubrication

The appropriate lubrication is essential in the automobile sector, to reduce friction and wear and tear, and to keep gear transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in cars, lorries, buses and other vehicles running smoothly. New, high-performance vehicles usually require synthetic oil, also older cars with lots of mileage benefit by using synthetic oil as it guarantees uniform, protective, and well-distributed gear lubrication.

Which gear oil should I use in my car?

Certain cars require synthetic oil, and usually this is clearly stated in the vehicle’s manual, but even cars which use regular oil can improve performance by going synthetic. The attraction of using basic mineral oil is its lower cost, even though it is prone to sludge formation and lower engine performance. Attention! Using conventional oil where the manual clearly states “synthetic gear oil” could jeopardise the guarantee. The bottom line is that synthetic gear oils are highly efficient and are universally recommended to improve engine performance in every type of vehicle.