Bio Stern Tube Oil

The Green Bio Stern Tube Oil Benefits

Bio stern tube oil is an important component for the marine industry. Not only is this oil used to lubricate the ship’s mechanical parts but also keep rust and corrosion at bay. This oil has many benefits, engineered to boost the service life of the lubricant. It is also great at lowering costs and reducing the consumption of the oil. This lubricant is biodegradable, meaning that it is economical and reduces the wastage of resources.

Excellent Lubrication

This bio-oil comes with excellent performance and operational safety that exceeds all others because it contains emulsified properties. Given that it has superior lubrication, corrosion is prevented, and the effects of seawater coming into contact with the stern tubes are made less critical. This ensures that an anti-corrosive performance is achieved to protect the shaft, the bearing and the liner. The benefit of this element is that the vessel keeps operating continuously for long even when carrying large amounts of water, in turn, halting the need for repairs or dockings.

Perfect Performance

This green bio-oil has low oxidation and comes to you with a long lifespan. The bio-oil gives high viscosimetric performance and works well in a range of temperatures. It is also loaded with excellent lubrication and is resistant to corrosion, factors that extend its durability and improve performance. The oil is produced from renewable resources, has anti-wear properties, is quickly biodegradable and not harmful tomarine life.

Water incidents are common, and leakages are often unavoidable. In that case, you want to be sure that the oil you are using is completely biodegradable and non-toxic. Biodegradable components protect machinery elements and act as coolers. Apart from the technical benefits this lubricant comes with, it is non-toxic, a factor that ensures it does not harm the marine environment. In order to maximise your equipment service life and ensure that the marine environment is safe, use Bio stern tube oil.